Custom Home Design Trends: Accommodating Buyers’ Lifestyles

29 June, 2022 252

More than ever, we are seeing a shift in market demand for home plans that consider how buyers can optimize their experiences at home. As this demand continues to grow, pro builders must understand how they can best customize home plans that fit home buyer needs.

It can be difficult to pinpoint the specific home design trends that meet the diversity of needs homeowners have. Below are some home design plans builders can consider when customizing floor plans that accommodate buyer needs.

Customizing Floor Plans for the Outdoors

A recent survey has shown that over two-thirds of family and young homeowners have started to value outdoor living spaces more after the impacts of the pandemic. Over 58% of builders have also noticed this need to provide a connection to the outdoors, which has and will continue to influence their home design plans.

Terraces and large decks have become trending additions to floor plans buyers are excited about. These exterior spaces provide various benefits for buyers, such as providing a space to enjoy outdoor activities and offering natural light. When customizing home design plans, small construction businesses should consider including terraces or large decks into floor plans to foster a connection to the outdoors.

Large windows are becoming essential for customized floor plans. Incorporating large windows into the design of a house allows its occupants to receive the benefits of natural light, including a boost in vitamin D, improvement in sleep, and warding off seasonal depression. Builders should include large windows in home design plans that allow natural light to enter indoor living spaces.

Artificial lighting in home plans is an alternative to natural light. Homebuyers are looking for light fixtures, such as chandeliers and industrial pendant lights, that not only brighten the indoors but also make a statement. Because of this, builders are realizing the importance of white or circadian stylistic lighting, a small addition that promotes the well-being of homebuyers.

Customizing Home Plans in Style

Homeowners are becoming more attentive to the styles they want in their homes. There are several design aesthetics that are here to stay that builders can apply in home plans:

  • Mid Century Modern facades, kitchens, and bedroom styles emphasize a simplistic, yet elegant appearance buyers can enjoy.
  • Japandi kitchen and bathroom styles include Japanese and Scandinavian home elements full of nature, minimalist sophistication, and functionality.
  • Barndo homes and kitchens evoke open space and a sense of tranquility due to their connection to nature and a barn lifestyle.

Custom Homes with Flexibility

4.7 million people now work remotely, making spaces that support remote work a necessity. Builders should include multi-functional work-style lounging spaces and home offices in customized floor plans to accommodate working from home.

Builders are incorporating sliding doors so homebuyers can easily move from one space to the next without much hassle. Ease of entry for each area increases the flexibility of floor plans for buyers.  The Foundation of Dream Homes

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