Custom Home
Specifically Designed For You & Yours.

We have a comprehensive design team that has worked with owners and developers from all over the United States. We understand that individual needs differ and constructing a 'dream home' might include certain elements our floorplans or facade styles on do not yet include.

It's not uncommon for owners to send us all types of images, sketches and ideas for a home they have been dreaming about throughout a lifetime! We will work one-on-one with you to ensure those dreams are realized; that your home meets your lifestyle needs and all the amenities desired - around your budget. 

Describe your Dream Home

Make sure to include house features in your description: house exterior, living room and kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms

Custom Home Design Pricing

Home Design

$2.5/sq ft

  • Assist In Project Brief Preparation
  • Full Home Design
  • Full Drawings Set
  • Outlined Specifications
  • Collaboration with Residential Design

Custom Home Design


Understanding your site:

Share your parcel number and we will begin an in depth review of the site. Including any opportunities to design the home around, regulations or site setbacks.


Sketching your options:

We have found those wanting to both design and construct a custom home have fairly specific ideas about the aesthetic or layout. Share your inspiration images, goals and budget and we will begin an iterative process of sketches to hone in your design style and floor plan.



Once we have the basics, it’s time to get detailed. We will pass the floor-plan back and forth through a series of revisions to ensure all goals are met. Once we have the two dimensional layout complete we will create a 3D model and allow you to truly visualize every room in the home before ground has broken. 



Depending on the current site conditions, utility locations and regional / municipal code, we may need more site analysis and information prior too engaging a structural engineer. We can help you through this process by building a project profile and a team of local residential professionals and detailed action plan and schedule at