Frequently Asked Questions

Most commonly asked and answered questions!

We have an ever growing database of specific products and services, as well as features - being incorporated into our projects and platforms daily/weekly. We get those insights by closely following the industry, regional characterists and interior design, to make sure we are ahead of the curve. If there is a facade, a finish, a fixture, or faucet that you need incorporated - contact us. was designed specifically for individuals who do not have architectural drawings. If you have your own plans, you can go to: Once there, register for an account, and you will be given an opportunity to upload your project plans and any relevant documentation.

Not necessarily. It depends on what state your lot is, munincipal building codes, and of course - on your tastes and the choices you make for your home! A speculative builder may choose finishes or products that are less expensive to keep the price competitive (with a healthy margin on material and labor) if you choose the same quality of finishes and materials, and are willing to get more involved in decision making and procurement, you may save margin in one place, in which you can distribute to an area more important to your family and lifestyle (or put it in your pocket!). We also work directly with material manufacturers and providers to procure premium products at acceptable and fair prices - each project we do increases our purchasing power, and our technology saves everyone involved in the project time... and those savings are passed directly onto you.

We strive daily to make bringing your new home to life as frictionless as possible. If you have a very specific idea of the design elements, style, and size you want, and its not listed - we can assist you every step of the way in designing your dream home; from exterior to interior we will help you to choose the best options for your lifestyle.

Yes, of course. Once your project is complete, you can 'invite' any of your project contacts on the project team. Where they will be given the opportunity to participate on the project, view the BIM model, and receive their trade specific takeoff. We also strive to develop relationships with the best General Contractors, Subcontractors, and Material Providers in the area, that are dedicated to giving the best service and the best price. These relationships allow us assist you, not only in designing the home, but procuring both labor and matieral to make it a reality, on budget and on time!