How 3D Model Home Tours Help Homebuyers Make Decisions

27 April, 2022 263

It’s all over Redfin & Zillow… new construction listings with generic pictures of 6 different elevations and a couple of staged photos of sleek kitchens and formal living spaces. Each property within the new subdivision looks exactly the same. But the whole point of buying a new construction home is the ability to customize it to what you want and need. These listings with the same 10 pictures do not allow home buyers to see themselves living in these homes.

A recent survey reported that 55% of home buyers want to see floor plans on listings, and 43% prefer virtual tours, yet 94% of listings do not include either. New construction listings that lack floor plans and virtual tours create more work for buyers. They need to spend a significant amount of time sourcing builder websites, floorplans, and pricing.  

What to Look for in 3D Model Home Tours

Floor plans and 3d tours are an integral part of selecting a new construction home. They allow buyers to walk through a listing and pick out where their great grandmother’s heirloom rocking chair will go and visualize where the extended family will gather for holiday dinners. Floor plans enable buyers to identify which bedroom is the right size to install a window seat for their bookworm tween daughter or if they like the location of the home office. technology takes 3D home tours to a whole new level. Prospective buyers can virtually walk through a project and view its floor plan. They have access to nearly 6000 building products with integrated suppliers and real-time pricing.  Buyers can change features within the model and visualize design updates within minutes. This interactive experience makes the process of purchasing a new home more tangible.

Save Time with 3D Model Home Tours

April through September are the busiest months in real estate with the greatest buyer demand. Current buyers are frustrated by the lack of inventory in the housing market. This can mean a lot of wasted time viewing properties and entering into bidding wars that won’t pan out. Look for new construction listings with floor plans and 3D virtual home tours as a solution to house hunting.   

New construction homes currently account for one-third of houses on the market. Seek optimized listings to avoid wasting time viewing properties that will end up selling significantly higher than the list price.  

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